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Hoosier Families honored at Statehouse for Agricultural Heritage


Monday at the Indiana Statehouse, Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb and Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) Director Ted McKinney presented 46 families with a Hoosier Homestead Award in recognition of their commitment to Indiana agriculture. “There are close to 60,000 farming operations in Indiana, of which 98 percent are still family owned and operated,” said Lt. Governor Holcomb, who also serves as Indiana Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “These families are a fundamental piece of the Indiana story, and I congratulate them on earning the Hoosier Homestead award and their unwavering commitment to both the past and future of Indiana agriculture.”

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years, and consist of more than 20 acres or produce more than $1000 of agricultural products per year. The award distinctions recognized are Centennial (100 years), Sesquicentennial (150 years) and Bicentennial (200 years). Notably, the Bicentennial Award was presented to one family during Monday’s ceremony. “Our state’s legacy has been shaped by Indiana’s farming families, who have passed down their traditions from generation to generation and contributed so much over the past 200 years – both economically and socially,” Director McKinney said. “It was an honor to recognize nearly 50 of these great families at the Statehouse, and I commend all of them on their tremendous dedication to the industry and, especially, to Hoosiers.”

The families honored today join more than 5,000 Hoosier Homestead farms. Administered by ISDA, semiannual recognition ceremonies are held in March at the Indiana Statehouse and in August at the Indiana State Fair.

Below is a list of today’s Hoosier Homestead Award recipients:

Farm County Award Name Homestead Date Type of Award
Bartholomew Schulz 1865 Sesquicentennial
Benton Sondgeroth 1895 Centennial
Blackford Maddox 1902 Centennial
Carroll Yerkes 1914 Centennial
Carroll Carl R. Jones 1902 Centennial
Clark Prall 1895 Centennial
Clay Mace Family 1916 Centennial
Decatur Fletcher 1914 Centennial
Decatur Fischmer 1887 Centennial
Fayette Francis M. & Hugh H. Scott 1861 Sesquicentennial
Gibson Steiner 1904 Centennial
Grant Kenneth & Bonnie Harrold 1864 Sesquicentennial
Greene Wolf 1884 Centennial
Harrison Roy & Denise Harmon 1900 Centennial
Harrison Harold & Penny Fessel 1880 Centennial
Howard Kring 1915 Centennial
Howard Countryman 1908 Centennial
Jay Floyd E. Cline 1907 Centennial
Jay Cline Farms 1901 Centennial
Jay The Hudson Family Farm 1863 Sesquicentennial
Jay Bailey 1838 Sesquicentennial
Jay Robert C. Lyons 1850 Sesquicentennial
Johnson Long 1909 Centennial
LaGrange Talmage 1837 Sesquicentennial
LaGrange Talmage 1836 Sesquicentennial
Madison Justice 1834 Sesquicentennial
Martin Klingle-Doty 1888 Centennial
Montgomery Harold & Debra Bowman 1899 Centennial
Morgan Swinehart 1894 Centennial
Noble Robinson-Miller Family 1865 Sesquicentennial
Orange Farlow-Trimble-Haworth 1811 Sesquicentennial
Orange Farlow-Trimble-Haworth 1811 Bicentennial
Parke Floyd/Wrightsman 1865 Sesquicentennial
Pike Risley 1865 Sesquicentennial
Pulaski John S. Capper 1915 Centennial
Pulaski Tiede 1877 Centennial
Putnam Gene Clodfelter 1916 Centennial
Ripley Narwold 1866 Sesquicentennial
Scott Philip A. Murphy 1865 Sesquicentennial
Spencer Kathryn Meyer 1908 Centennial
Switzerland Pavy, Lewis, & Keith 1881 Centennial
Wabash Dan Schuler 1911 Centennial
Wabash Phillip Smith 1849 Sesquicentennial
Washington Jack C. Morgan 1835 Sesquicentennial
Wells Brannum/Sinclair 1886 Centennial
Wells Maddox 1845 Sesquicentennial
White Ronald D. Coonrod 1857 Sesquicentennial
White Gurson Cosgray 1916 Centennial
Whitley Beard 1912 Centennial