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Hoosier Featured in National How to Farm Video Series


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Brian Rexing and Kelly SnyderAn Indiana farmer is one of four in a new How to Farm video series from the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. The series has just been launched at FoodDialogues.com and on YouTube. It is hosted by blogger Kelly Snyder.

The Hoosier farmer is Brian Rexing of New Generation Dairy in Gibson County and he explains How to Milk 1,200 Cows in the fast paced video.

“In here we have a double 28. There’s 56 units so we milk 56 at a time. They’re in here about 14 minutes. In that 14 minutes they produce about 3 and 1/3 gallons per milking which equates to about 9-10 gallons a day.”

In the video Rexing goes on to explain, “Milk is a unique product. Milk is never touched by the human hand. Once we attach the milker, there is a vacuum. The milk goes into a pipeline and then is pumped into our system that cools it. This is where the milk is being pumped through the chilling room in this hose and onto the tanker. Within 24 hours it’s delivered to the dairy to be bottled and put into cartons for the kids.”

Len CorzineIn another video Illinois farmer Len Corzine demonstrates How to Use Trash to Help Crops Grow, and he explains in this case trash is crop residue from the no-till operation, quite a bit different than when he started farming with his dad in the 70’s.

“When we were going to grow a crop of corn we would have several tractors out in the field before planting because we would have to work the soil several times. Now, with the no-till technology and the trash or the residue protecting the soil, all of that soil with its nutrients stays right there on the field. The soil health gets better which means that the water will flow into the ground better and flow the nutrients into the ground to help it get to the plant roots.”

Other videos now online are How to Care for 7,000 Pigs and How to Gather 50,000 Eggs a Day.

Hosted by blogger Kelly Snyder (ReDefinedMom.com), USFRA’s online video series illustrates different farming practices. The educational videos, which range between two to four minutes, highlight the daily activities of farmers and ranchers across the nation who grow and raise our food.  The first four videos give viewers an up-close look at just how farmers grow and raise food, including:  

“People know what farmers generally do, but not exactly how they do it. The opportunity to spend time on a farm alongside a farmer is not one that most people get,” said Randy Krotz, CEO of USFRA.  “This new online video series brings the farm to your living room, office, kitchen, classroom, mobile device, anywhere you are.  Americans have so many questions about food production and the first videos in this series can help address some of those by showing just how farmers are growing and raising food.”

The Redefined Mom, AKA Kelly Snyder, a blogger mom of two based in Kansas City, visited four Midwest farms to learn just how farmers and ranchers do what they do every day – and why. The videos also highlight new technology used on farms and ranches today, and address common misconceptions about food production.