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Hoosier Harvest Rolls On Under Sunny Skies


The warm and dry weather this week helped to make the fields accessible for farmers to continue harvesting crops, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Average temperatures for the week ending September 28 ranged from 57 to 68 degrees, and from 6 degrees below to 3 degrees above normal. The lowest recorded temperature for the week was 38 degrees; the highest, 85 degrees. The statewide average temperature for the week was 62.8 degrees, 2.1 degrees above normal. Recorded precipitation ranged from 0.00 to 0.13 inches, with a statewide average of 0.01 inches.


By region, corn mature was 67% in the North, 62% in Central, and 73% in South. By region, corn harvested for grain was 7% in North, 8% in Central, and 26% in the South. By region, soybeans dropping leaves was 81% in North, 78% in Central and 65% in South. By region, soybeans harvested was 6% in North, 11% in Central, and 8% in the South.  Corn and soybean conditions remain constant as they mature and dry down for harvest. Winter wheat planting has begun. Pastures are 68% in good to excellent condition, providing adequate grazing ground for livestock.


Nationally 12% of the US corn crop has been harvested up from 7% a week ago.Illinois leads the I states with 34% of their corn harvested, with Indiana 2nd at 21% and Iowa third with only 15% of their corn harvested.  For soybeans 10% of the crop is out of the field up from just 3% a week ago. Indiana and Iowa lead the I states at 17% with Illinois lagging at just 13%


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