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Hoosier Homestead Farms Honored in Record Number


Hoosier Homestead awards

Ted McKinney at Hoosier Homestead AwardsA record 92 families were honored last week at the annual Hoosier Homestead Awards ceremony, recognizing their commitment to Indiana agriculture for 100, 150, and 200 years. Director Ted McKinney from the Indiana State Department of Ag loves the twice a year events, and he says the award brings out a range of emotions.

“Mostly it’s celebratory because people are recognizing some achievement, again 100, 150, or 200. But there are also some tears shed because a matriarch or a patriarch are no longer with them and they may have wanted to see this. And clearly,” McKinney added, “there’s always the remembrance of the sacrifice of tough times. the Great Depression is often times cited, sometimes the early 1980’s. I hope the period that we’re in now isn’t one of those that we look back upon.”

Hoosier HomesteadJeff Conrad and family of DeKalb County represented Conrad Family Farm Preservation LLC, honored for 150 years.

“Basically it’s been passed down from my grandfather to my dad to me, and it’s just a real honor to be a steward of this land and see that hopefully we’ll pass on to the next generation.”

He told HAT the operation today in the northeast corner of Indiana is “all grain, some hay and a little bit of hardwood, timber.”

Joining Conrad were his wife Betty, son Jack, sister Joyce, and brother and sister in law Joel and Linda Conrad. With the large number of attendees, the ceremony was moved to the coliseum at the fairgrounds. In Indiana’s bicentennial year, four farms were honored for 200 continuous years in the family, two from Posey County, and one each from Fayette and Harrison County.

“Agriculture has been our state’s calling card for the past 200 years, and we owe that to the tremendous contributions made by Indiana’s farming families. Their hard work, innovation and collaboration move our state forward each and every day,” said Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, also the Indiana Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Hoosier Homestead awards are presented to farms owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years. The farm must total more than 20 acres or produce more than $1000 of agricultural products per year.

There are now more than 5,000 Hoosier Homestead farms for a program in its 40th year and administered by ISDA. The other ceremony is held in March at the Indiana Statehouse.

The newest Hoosier Homestead Award recipients are:

Farm County Award Name Homestead Date Type of Award
Adams Nussbaum/Hindenlang 1865 Sesquicentennial
Allen Hockemeyer 1862 Sesquicentennial
Allen Bearman/Bradtmueller 1882 Centennial
Benton Sondgeroth 1888 Centennial
Blackford Langdon 1865 Sesquicentennial
Boone Henry-Jaques 1866 Sesquicentennial
Carroll Fellows 1915 Centennial
Clay Sue Campbell Lightfoot 1853 Sesquicentennial
Clinton Snyder 1916 Centennial
Dearborn Landrum 1916 Centennial
Dearborn Paul & Marilyn Jeffries 1840 Sesquicentennial
Dekalb Conrad Family Farm Preservation LLC 1866 Sesquicentennial
Dubois Wirtzberger 1883 Centennial
Dubois Reutman 1841 Sesquicentennial
Dubois Mehne-Harris 1891 Centennial
Dubois Johann Frederick Steinkamp Sr. 1841 Sesquicentennial
Elkhart Morehouse 1866 Sesquicentennial
Fayette Creighton Porter 1811 Bicentennial
Fayette Keith E. & Lois J. Hubbell 1841 Sesquicentennial
Fountain Sims 1916 Centennial
Fountain Kirkpatrick 1848 Sesquicentennial
Franklin Copes 1907 Centennial
Franklin Amberger 1893 Centennial
Franklin Hertel 1910 Centennial
Franklin Stenger Farm 1916 Centennial
Franklin Meyer 1867 Centennial
Franklin Leising 1865 Sesquicentennial
Franklin Jeff & Jill Koch 1865 Sesquicentennial
Gibson Bertram 1865 Sesquicentennial
Gibson Cunningham/Russell 1851 Sesquicentennial
Gibson Hopkins 1865 Sesquicentennial
Grant Stevens-Apple 1901 Centennial
Greene Cline-Haywood 1864 Sesquicentennial
Hamilton Jerry L. Brown 1845 Sesquicentennial
Hamilton Johnson 1898 Centennial
Hancock Raesner-Wood Family 1916 Centennial
Harrison Byrne 1808 Bicentennial
Harrison John H. Rothrock Family 1888 Centennial
Henry Ballenger 1912 Centennial
Howard Hannah 1910 Centennial
Jackson Klosterman 1853 Sesquicentennial
Jackson The Miller-Kasting-Trimpe-Keller Family 1903 Centennial
Jackson Hackman Farm 1911 Centennial
Jackson Duwe/Hackman Farm 1900 Centennial
Jay Schemenaur 1882 Centennial
Jay May-Harris 1865 Sesquicentennial
Jay May 1891 Centennial
Jay Cabel Kimble – Great Great Grandfather of Marilyn Brumm Acheson 1846 Sesquicentennial
Jay Harley E. Brumm – Grandfather of Marilyn Brumm Acheson 1911 Centennial
Jay Bowman/Settle/Drinkut 1903 Centennial
Jay Beeler 1909 Centennial
Jennings Kipper 1866 Sesquicentennial
Jennings Hammond-Dillman 1906 Centennial
Kosciusko Teeple 1851 Sesquicentennial
Kosciusko Shoemaker 1865 Sesquicentennial
LaGrange Fought 1852 Sesquicentennial
LaPorte Hews 1864 Sesquicentennial
LaPorte Bernard & Barbara Hannon 1914 Centennial
Madison Tucker-Noland-Spangler 1883 Centennial
Madison Tucker-Noland-Spangler 1899 Centennial
Marshall Charles O. McCollough 1908 Centennial
Martin Arvin-Mauder Farm 1844 Sesquicentennial
Martin Mauder Family Farm 1914 Centennial
Miami Weishaar 1914 Centennial
Montgomery William W.  McClamroch 1853 Sesquicentennial
Morgan George Goss 1870 Centennial
Orange Livingston 1908 Centennial
Orange Baker 1916 Centennial
Owen Stevens 1828 Sesquicentennial
Parke Leatherman 1849 Sesquicentennial
Pike Corn & Hollenberg 1893 Centennial
Posey Saltzman 1816 Bicentennial
Posey Mathew 1816 Bicentennial
Putnam Vaughn Family dba Fair Land Stock Farm 1856 Sesquicentennial
Randolph Monte J. Burrows 1860 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Smith 1900 Centennial
Ripley Chandler/Renfro 1821 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Bruns 1866 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Bauman 1892 Centennial
Ripley Obendorf 1855 Sesquicentennial
Rush Meek 1916 Centennial
St. Joseph Thomas J. Bellinger 1864 Sesquicentennial
Steuben Phillips 1914 Centennial
Tippecanoe Whitteberry, McDole, Dilley-Gilbert, Diem-Tishler 1829 Sesquicentennial
Tipton Sottong 1913 Centennial
Tipton John Beck Homestead – Kenneth and Patricia Schulenburg 1836 Sesquicentennial
Tipton Conway 1913 Centennial
Wells Taylor Family Farm 1840 Sesquicentennial
Wells Sturgeon 1865 Sesquicentennial
White Ruemler 1861 Sesquicentennial
Whitley Jacob Wilhelm 1888 Centennial
Whitley Zumbrun 1916 Centennial
Whitley Sheets 1858 Sesquicentennial
Whitley Johnson Riverbend Farms 1896 Centennial