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Hoosiers in Ag Head for San Antonio Commodity Classic


Hoosiers head to Texas

Hoosiers at ClassicMany Hoosier farmers and those in the ag industry are on their way to San Antonio, Texas for Commodity Classic which officially runs from Thursday through Saturday. Megan Kuhn at Indiana Corn and Soybean says the number from Indiana is usually right around 200, “if you add in the farmers and then we’re blessed to have some great ag industry in our state who come and do the trade show. And we’ll have some more Purdue folks with us as we’re excited to host an early riser session with them.”

Indiana Soybean Alliance is partnering with Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture for the Saturday early riser session on risk management.

“That 7 AM start you think it’s early but those early riser sessions are a great draw and usually have a great audience. Purdue will talk about managing risk in an uncertain environment. It will be one of the first rollouts of the risk management initiative that we’re partnering with the center to put together for farmers that looks not just at price risk but takes a look at risk across the board. It really gives great case studies and tools for farmers so they can work through and make sure that they are managing their risk.”

From Purdue Professors Mike Boehlje and Elizabeth Yeager will lead the session. Purdue and ISA will have adjacent trade show booths so they can promote the Risk Management Initiative and Saturday’s early riser session. Kuhn says Commodity Classic will serve as a soft launch for the Initiative’s website with meetings being planned for sometime after planting season this year.