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House Ag Committee Launches Online Farm Bill Resource



The year to pass a new farm bill is 2018, and many have gotten a jump start on the process with learning sessions conducted in Indiana and across the country. The House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway from Texas is ready to go as well. Yesterday he announced a new farm bill website for updates and information throughout the process of creating the 2018 Farm Bill.

“This will be a website that will be a repository of everything that we’re doing day in and day out,” he explained. “We will continue to update that as we go along and at some point in time when the bill language is available, it will be there at this page as well. You will have narratives and descriptions of what we’ve been doing and have done over the last three years to get ready for this. There will be videos and audio information as well.”

Chairman Conaway said the site is the place to go for farm bill information, whether you are in the business of ag or a consumer.

“This will also be a point where you can just see how important the farm bill is, not just to the farmers and ranchers and producers and implement dealers and the lenders, but it’s important to you and I as consumers of the most abundant, safest and affordable food supply of any developed nation in the world. So, the reasons why we need the farm bill will be there, what we’re doing moving forward will be there, and we think this will be a valuable resource for anybody who is concerned or interested in why we’re doing it, what we’re doing and how quickly we can get it done.”

Conaway restated his commitment to completing a farm bill and getting it done on time.