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How Dry August Was is the Key to How Yield Results Come In


In north central and east central Indiana, soybean yields continue to please most growers, especially where dry spells this summer didn’t linger. In another HAT Yield Check, Daniel Stauffer Specialty Hybrids local field sales representative says it has been a good harvest so far.

“Obviously if they went six, seven weeks at times, or the month of August without rain, they’re seeing some yield hit there, but for the most part we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the yields that guys are seeing, especially where fungicide was sprayed, more than anything just keeping that plant alive longer,” Stauffer said.

To say the cream of the crop yields were impressive, is putting it mildly.

“We’ve seen anywhere from upwards of 80, I’ve even heard some field averages of 85, 90 on the very top, top end, but overall we’re around that 65-75 range. When you get on the lighter sand you’re talking maybe 50 to 55 with a few odd spots here and there that are lower than that, in the 40 range.”

Stauffer told HAT there isn’t much concern in his area yet over corn standability, but he expects that to be an issue at some point. So, the caution for growers is to continue scouting for problem fields that you can then prioritize for harvest.

Early yield numbers do include some mid-200’s.

“Probably in that 220 to 250, 260 for some high potential, high yield acres,” he said. “On the lower end, some stressed acres where they didn’t get the rainfall or just some tougher clays, some lighter sand, we’re seeing the 160-200 range for the most part. Again, guys have been pretty pleased and are understanding of where the rain stress did occur, understanding that when you go 6, 7 weeks without rain, you’re not going to have the top end.”

He says this week should be good for continued corn dry down and many farmers will look to be getting aggressive with corn harvest next week. Hear more in the full HAT interview:

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