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How Farmers Really Use Big Data


How Farmers Really Use Big Data

Zach and Cole BaileyThe next generation of farmers is optimistic about the future of agriculture and sees big data as a vital part of that future.  Zach and Cole Bailey, Bailey Family Farm, Iola, IL are brothers who have taken over the family farm started in the 60s by their grandfather. They currently farm about 10,000 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat.  Cole says the new data services available today are something they are excited to integrate into their operation, “We have always had this data, but didn’t have a way to use it well. With systems like FARMserver from Beck’s, we have years of planting and yield data at our fingertips, and we can use it to make better decisions.” He added that data management is going to be huge in helping them to take their operation to the next level.

Zach says, like many farmers, they are very concerned about the privacy of their data and how the data they share will be used, “It is sort of like the coffee shop where you didn’t want the guy next to you to hear what you were doing.” He said it is important to trust the people you are working with, “That is what we like about the Beck’s company, there is that trust and the ability to control our data.”

Zach and Cole Bailey2Both brothers feel this is a very exciting time to be in agriculture, and Zach believes it is time for the next generation to step up and lead the way, “We as youth are going to have to step up and step into this industry and take it over.  It is going to take the next generation to make it work.” They admitted farming is never going to be easy, but the challenge is out there to master technology to increase production and feed the world of the future.

Check out the video interview with the Bailey boys: