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How Indiana Crops are Faring Versus Other States


The latest Purdue Crop Chat Podcast with Purdue Extension Soybean Specialist Shaun Casteel and Corn Specialist Dan Quinn is available now at hoosieragtoday.com. They discuss where the Indiana crops are developmentally and how we’re faring against other states.

For example, Casteel recalls a conversation with an agronomist in the Dakotas where they said, “Our grass is brown. I mean, it’s like August already. So, yes, certainly the conditions up there are much more dire than what we have. Conversations were that it doesn’t look bad yet, but it’s not going to take long for that to turn.

“There’s a fair amount of irrigation, so some of that’s going on. Some product supply of irrigation supplies was kind of limited at that point according to the guy I was talking to. So, yeah, it’s on the edge. If we don’t get some rains all season long…they’re just going to be a day or two away from a drought.”

Quinn is hearing similar reports.

“I’ve seen reports from The Dakotas that they were scouting frost damage in 100-degree heat. So, the difficulty they’ve had with those heavy temperature swings. We’ve seen some of that in Indiana too where we’ve seen some corn coloration differential, but especially in those Dakotas, northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, where it got really warm early, a lot of folks planted heavily, they got in early and then it got really cold, and now it’s getting really warm again.”

Quinn says we’ve been pretty lucky here for the most part.

“We’ve been really fortunate where that rain pattern has just kind of come across Kentucky, up in Indiana, and Ohio. It’s really missing states like Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Iowa has also been missing out on the rains recently. Hear more of this discussion in the Purdue Crop Chat Podcast below.