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How Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is Replacing 40 Pounds Per Acre of Synthetic Nitrogen


Back in 2019, Pivot Bio introduced Pivot Bio PROVEN®, a microbial nitrogen solution, to help corn growers with their nitrogen needs. Now, Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is helping growers replace up to 40 pounds per acre of synthetic nitrogen.

Lori Reese, Agronomy Trial Manager for Pivot Bio, says that instead of applying synthetic nitrogen multiple times throughout the season, PROVEN® 40 is a microbe that is delivered in furrow at the time of planting.

“Being a part of the trialing effort across Pivot Bio, what we see in season when we make comparisons on the plants that are treated with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is a larger biomass, healthier roots, and we believe that translates into more potential throughout the growing season.”

And Reese says yield results are proving that Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is working.

“The demonstrations that we set up with farmers this past season, we asked them to a 35-pound reduction to their synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, and as far as performance, we’re seeing exactly what we would expect where we are matching that traditional nitrogen management plan on yield.”

The video above shows Shelby County farmer Dylan Smith on how Pivot Bio is working on his farm. Learn more at pivotbio.com.