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HSUS Claims Oscars Ad Helped, Not Harmed Donations


The Humane Society of the United States says a television commercial against the organization generated a $1 million contribution to support the group. Meatingplace reports that HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle says the 60-second commercial prompted several supporters to contact HSUS, and one told him, “She is going to give us an additional $1 million” to fight the accusations against HSUS in the commercial. The commercial by the Center for Consumer Freedom claimed that HSUS only spent a small fraction of the money it raised to support animal shelters over the course of a fiscal year. The Center for Consumer Freedom, however, was unmoved by the HSUS claim the ad created a donation windfall. Will Coggin, director of research at www.humanewatch.org told Meatingplace “we’re going to run the ad with increasing intensity. If it backfired as Wayne Pacelle claims, then he should pay us to run it.”