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HSUS Training Law Enforcement on Animal Cruelty Investigations


In a move that may alarm livestock producers, the Humane Society of the United States is training more than 700 law enforcement personnel in Oklahoma on how to investigate and handle animal cruelty cases. Meatingplace reports the free training was announced last week by the radical activist group. HSUS told Meatingplace that it has offered the training to law enforcement across the country for years. Asked if the training extends to farm animals, an HSUS representative said the training “teaches officers how to investigate animal crimes from neglect, animal fighting, puppy mills, and other types of abuse,” adding officers may be called to a scene that includes the abuse of farm animals.
Since HSUS has views on farm animal care that are at odds with most livestock operations, having them define what animal cruelty is may be worrisome for many producers. HSUS will provide information on how to handle animal cruelty cases from first response to prosecution.