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IBCA to feature “Cattlemen’s Choice” sandwich


A long-standing Indiana State Fair tradition continues in 2017, but there is a new twist.

Joe Moore, Executive Vice President of the Indiana Beef Cattlemen’s Association, says that since 1983 the IBCA has been serving Hoosier Ribeye Steak sandwiches at the Indiana State Fair.

“The main focus for our organization to be there is to promote beef, and our tent is pretty much staffed by over 500 beef industry volunteers whether that be actual producers or allied industry people. It gives them the opportunity to come out and work on behalf of the industry that so many of them are so passionate about,” said Moore.

Over the years, they have looked for new ways to promote beef. Last year they introduced a smoked beef brisket sandwich. This year, Moore says the IBCA Cattlemen’s Club committee decided to add another new menu item.

“And so they put together two of our iconic classics which is the Hoosier Ribeye Steak and combined it with this new smoked beef brisket, so we are calling it the ‘Cattlemen’s Choice,'”said Moore. “It is a ribeye steak topped with smoked beef brisket and we pile that high on a bun, and we’re gonna sell those for $10 this year. It is not for the faint of heart; it will definitely satisfy the heartiest of appetites.”

The IBCA food stands are located in front of the cattle barn and on the north side next to Pioneer Village. The 2017 Indiana State Fair begins August 4th and ends August 20th.

Source: Dave Russell