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Illinois Congressman Concerned about Clinton on RFS


Rep on Clinton RFS plans

IL Rep Rodney DavisAn Illinois Congressman and House Agriculture Committee member says talks between the Clinton campaign and the California Air Resources Board raise new doubts about a Clinton Administration’s commitment to the Renewable Fuels Standard.

The Hillary Clinton campaign admits it’s been talking to the California Air Resources Board on ways to improve the RFS. Republican Rodney Davis has lots of struggling corn farmers in his East-central Illinois district and complains this is not a good time to be talking to California regulators about changing the RFS.

“You know we went from a very insecure position of fuels and fuel security in this country, to one that’s much more secure in our homeland, and that’s because of the RFS. I support the RFS. I think we should abide by what is law.”

Davis says to do otherwise only invites further problems for farmers. And to the Clinton campaign…tape

“The question I would ask to them, what are they going to do with the billions of bushels of corn that are now selling for very low prices when there’s no market no marketplace when it comes to homegrown fuels?”

California’s low carbon fuel standard leaves it up to companies how to reach a carbon-reduction target and Davis says any movement away from the RFS will only hurt one of the bright spots in the U.S. economy. The campaign says Clinton just wants to get the RFS “back on track” and promote more use of advanced biofuels.

Source: NAFB News Service