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Illinois Moms To Visit Farms at Planting


Farm momsBloomington-area moms who have questions about food, farmers and farming will have their questions answered during a planting tour of a corn and soybean farm May 16.  During the tour, nine local Illinois Farm Families® “Field Moms” who work for COUNTRY Financial® and GROWMARK® will have a chance to meet family farmers Dan and Pam Kelley of Normal and tour their corn and soybean farm. The Field Moms also will have a chance to learn about seed selection and planting, equipment and technology used on farms today, and fertilizing and soil care from experts from GROWMARK and Birkey’s Equipment. The local Field Moms also will tour another area farm during harvest later in the year.


About the Program

Illinois Farm Families are Illinois farmers who support Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Beef Association and Midwest Dairy Association through farmer membership and checkoff programs. We are committed to having conversations with consumers, answering their questions about food, farmers and farming, and sharing what really happens on today’s Illinois family farms. More than 94 percent of Illinois farms are family owned and operated. We are passionate about showing consumers how we grow safe, healthy food for their families and ours.