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Impeachment Inquiry Could Dampen Chances of USMCA


House Democrats seeking to impeach President Donald Trump spells trouble for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. White House officials claim the effort has “destroyed any chances of legislative progress.”

Meanwhile, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says if Democrats in the House use impeachment proceedings as a basis to not act on policy, the effort will halt progress on USMCA.

Grassley says Congress “must step up and deliver” a finalized agreement for agriculture and other industries. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, a Minnesota Democrat, says he believed the inquiry will be “a failed process.”

Peterson worries the impeachment effort will further divide the country, “weakening our ability to act together on issues like passing USMCA.”

Representative Richard Neal, a Democrat from Massachusetts who chairs the House USMCA working group, says he won’t let the impeachment process hinder progress on USCMA.

However, Neal in a statement did say he “strongly backs” the call for formal impeachment by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.