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Important Week for Soybean Crop in East Central Indiana


Howell update

David Howell-14On the Delaware and Henry County line in the Hoosier state the Howell’s have more than just corn and soybeans to keep track of. The diversified operation includes pumpkins and tomatoes, and David Howell says recent dry weather probably won’t hurt a corn crop that looked very, very good early on.

“We did get dry the three weeks prior to the 10th of August and I think that hurt, but I think the corn is far enough along that it will be ok. In our area I think that the corn is not perfect, but it’s going to be pretty good, really good. The beans may be a little bit more suspect, and then the tomatoes like dry weather and we’ve got most of those irrigated now anyway, so we’re ok on those.”

Howell says the soybeans need what the forecasts this week are offering, both warmer and wetter conditions.

“Yes, we’re just hand to mouth, so anytime it stops we’ll suffer, but that’s one of the problems with being diversified because now we’ve got tomato harvest going and what’s good for pumpkins or soybeans is not the same as what’s good for tomatoes.”

And tomato harvest is going well. Steve Smith at Red Gold said it is a fantastic crop this year. Looking ahead to Halloween time, Howell says the pumpkin crop has turned orange just a little soon for the big sizes. He told HAT the southern pumpkin growers are generally happy with what they’re seeing, and he is positive about his crop too.

“We’re just concerned about not having all the large size. There’s a market for the small ones but some people want the very biggest and that’s going to be a little bit of a problem, but it’ll work out.”

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