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Improving the ROI on Your Next New Truck


Do you need a new truck for your farming operation? Here is how you can maximize your investment. A growing number of dealerships around the state are enrolling the Ag Pack program. As Pat Driscoll explains, the program provides special training for dealerships to help them understand agriculture and the needs of farmers.

“These are mainstream dealers who typically work in the consumer market or other industrial industries. We work with them to show them how agriculture is a unique segment of the market and that farmers have specific needs when it comes to buying a truck.”

Dealerships enroll in the program under an education course that teaches them about some of the basics of agriculture and some of the cycles and business models of a farming operation. The program began working exclusively with Dodge Ram truck dealers but has now been expanded to many other major truck manufacturers and dealers.

Driscoll says the goal of the program is to improve the experience a farmer has with a dealer.

“At the end of the day, we want the farmer to feel like he has been working with someone who understands and cares about his operation. We also want to maximize his return on investment.”

By working with an Ag Pack dealer, a producer can maximize his or her return on investment by receiving additional discounts and benefits not available outside of the Ag Pack program.

Driscoll points out that these benefits do not come at the expense of other rebates and incentives but can be combined with whatever your dealer gives you.

“For example: a farmer can save over $6,000 on Michelin and B.F. Goodrich farm tires and over $2,000 on AgriLiquid fertilizer products,” noted Driscoll.

He added there are many other discounts in the program.

“You get all of it just for buying a truck you need anyway.”

Currently, there are 9 Ag PAC dealers in IN and 10 in MI. You can find your closest dealer by visiting Certifiedagdealer.com.