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Indiana Ag Hoping to Quiz both Governor Candidates at Upcoming Summit


Ag policy summit coming

INAgSummitevite062416Indiana gubernatorial candidates have been invited to attend the Indiana Ag Policy Summit next week at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. The summit is Wednesday July 27th, one day after Republicans select their candidate. It’s not yet known who that person will be and if he or she can attend, but Joe Steinkamp, president of Indiana Soybean Alliance does know one thing for sure.

“John Gregg is confirmed to be at the policy summit,” he told HAT, “and we’re hopefully optimistic that we’ll get a positive from the Republican choice to be on the ticket for the governorship.”

Gregg is the Democrat nominee for governor. The summit is hosted by the Indiana Corn Growers Association and Indiana Soybean Alliance Membership and Policy Committee. Joining them for an afternoon panel discussion of ag priorities for the next General Assembly will be the Agribusiness Council of Indiana, Indiana Farm Bureau and Indiana Pork.

During the morning governor addresses, Steinkamp hopes to hear their visions for continuing to move agriculture forward in Indiana.

 Joe Steinkamp
Joe Steinkamp

“Because we know that agriculture is an important part of Indiana industry and we need a lot of things in Indiana agriculture. We need good roads and bridges. We need good waterways and we need property taxes to continue on the affordable path that we need to farm our farms and so our landlords can continue to pay their real estate taxes and that we can afford to pay the rents so that they can do so. So we need a lot of things and we need our governors to be our leaders and spokesmen on that path.”

He’ll also be interested in hearing the vision for Indiana livestock which is an important customer for soybean farmers. The event is open to all farmers and begins at 10:00 AM at 7001 West 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN. For registration information, visit www.indianasoybean.com/indianapolicy.