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Indiana Ag Statistics Detailed in New Book and App



The new Indiana agriculture statistics book is out, and state statistician Greg Matli has been handing them out at various indoor farm shows this winter. The paper copy of the book is available, and this is the fourth year it is available digitally in smart phone app format. The new data includes the Indiana ranks in all commodities, and Matli says we continue to show well nationally.

“For corn and soybeans in 2017 we were ranked 5th,” he told HAT. “For layer and eggs we were ranked 2nd. We were ranked 4th in peppermint and 3rd in spearmint. All tomatoes we’re ranked 3rd, and all chickens we’re ranked 2nd. That’s why layers are ranked second as well. Hogs we’re still ranked 5th and have been for quite a few years.”

There is a page in the book dedicated to how Indiana ranks, and this year there are some new crops listed.

“Maple syrup was added in 2016 and a lot of people aren’t used to seeing that in the book,” Matli said. “Also we’ve expanded the bee and honey, the colony loss items. That’s expanded because in 2016 they added that information. We also have a very large county level section in the back and we have a resource in the back that has all your county extension agents for Purdue and all your FSA county agents. So, it’s a great resource book.”

If you would like a copy of the NASS book, contact the Great Lakes regional office in Indiana and they will send you one and even sign you up to receive them each year. The number is (765) 494-8371. Also, February 21st, 2019 is the scheduled release date for the new Census of Agriculture.

USDA’s NASS Indiana Field Office is operated in cooperation with Purdue College of Agriculture.