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Indiana Beef Council Host Farm To Table Tour


feedlot to forkThe Indiana Beef Council hosted a group of over 30 nutritionists, chefs and other culinary influencers from across the state of Indiana on a tour of a working cattle farm in Thorntown, IN. The goal was to expose these influencers to modern beef production and to educate them on the issues that are top of mind among consumers.

Highlights of the morning included presentations on what it means to be a beef producer, the marketing of branded beef programs and the direct marketing of local beef as explained by ten industry leaders from throughout Indiana. After lunch, the group toured the Lawson Land and Cattle Company which includes a cow calf operation, a feedlot and cattle handling facilities. Information from the local producers surrounding antibiotic use and growth hormones were of major interest as was the discussion of cattle nutrition, cattle handling, pasture and environmental management.

In the pre-tour surveys completed by participants, it was obvious that many influencers were worried about animal abuse, the environmental impact of grass fed versus grain finished and the use of drugs on animals. In the post-tour surveys, the results clearly showed that our influencers came home with greater confidence in the quality of life of cattle in America and the overall safety of our beef supply.

The Indiana Beef Council (IBC) is the USDA Qualified State Beef Council (QSBC) pursuant to the Beef Promotion and Research Order which was authorized by the Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985. The Indiana Beef Council’s mission is to promote, educate and fund product development for the Indiana beef industry.