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Indiana Cattlemen Support EPA Nominee


Indiana beef on epa nominee

Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt

Wednesday is the confirmation hearing for Scott Pruitt, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) chairs the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and last week he heard from the nation’s cattlemen and women. They strongly endorse Pruitt’s confirmation, and Joe Moore says the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) is on board with the endorsement.

“Yes, we certainly are,” he told HAT. “The Indiana Beef Cattle Association’s board of directors have all supported the confirmation of the Oklahoma Attorney to be our new EPA Administrator. We believe that he understands the need for clean air and clean water while at the same time has fought federal government overreach for the past eight years and understands that having clear air and clean water doesn’t negate the ability of farmers and ranchers to operate.”

Joe MooreMoore says his members will welcome the change of Pruitt’s science-based and common sense approach at EPA.

“I think all of agriculture would welcome that change at EPA. It’s been a challenging time for the last eight years and we are certainly hopeful that the new Administrator can bring some common sense back to the EPA, and bring it back within the guidelines that Congress gave it and not overreach and in some cases break existing law.”

Moore is Executive Vice President of the IBCA.

Just Friday the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the industry coalition lawsuit challenging EPA’s Waters of the United States rule. Scott Yager, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association environmental counsel, said “The Supreme Court’s decision to hear our appeal is a victory for America’s cattle producers and all private property owners across the country. It shows that the Court has a continued interest in private property rights and we look forward to oral arguments this spring.”

Thirty-nine livestock associations signed the letter to EPW Chairman Barrasso and ranking member, Sen. Tom Carper Democrat from Delaware.


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