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Indiana Cool and Dry Period Moving In


It has been a somewhat soggy finish to the week, but what weather do we welcome next? This planting weather forecast is presented by Seed Genetics Direct, the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest growing independent seed company. Visit seedgeneticsdirect.com for pricing and more information.

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says the number one weather story over the holiday weekend is cooler air.

“We actually saw this cooler air push into the Eastern Corn Belt overnight Wednesday and into Thursday,” Martin explained. “Behind the front coming in Friday, we are going to see an even cooler surge of air that settles in over the Eastern Corn Belt. Do we think that it’s damaging or concerning? No, but it definitely is going to slow things down just a little bit. The cooler air in my opinion sticks around for several days. Pleasant let’s call it for Saturday, and pleasant to slightly warmer for Sunday and Monday. We finally get back to closer to normal temperatures by mid-week next week.”

Martin says there will not be moisture during the weekend even though Saturday starts cloudy. The dry weather period does include Memorial Day Monday.

“Even Tuesday is dry, but now I have to put moisture into the forecast for most of the rest of next week,” he said. “Wednesday hit and miss scattered showers around, 60 percent coverage, anywhere from a few hundredths to a few tenths. Same thing Thursday. Friday, mostly it’s over southern Indiana but we won’t rule it out anywhere, and then Saturday, Sunday, the 5th and 6th, hit and miss scattered showers are back, anywhere from a few hundredths to four or five tenths or so. So, we’re moving into an active pattern that does not feature a lot of drying.”

Martin adds, “At this point with planting mostly done, that is probably not an all bad forecast, it’s just not quite ideal.”

The planting weather forecast is also brought to you by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Soybean Alliance, and Risk Management Commodities.