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Indiana Corn and Soybeans 70% Good to Excellent


Indiana corn and soybean condition ratings decreased from last week. Both Indiana corn and soybeans are rated 70% good to excellent, a 3% drop for each from last week.

Nationally, 65% of the corn crop is rated good to excellent, a 3% drop from a week ago. 60% of soybeans are rated good to excellent, a 2% drop from last week.

A dry week that ended in intense weekend storms did not slow
corn and soybean emergence, according to Nathanial Warenski,
State Statistician, USDA NASS, Indiana Field Office. Soil
moisture levels decreased slightly from the previous week, with
79 percent of topsoil moisture reported as adequate or surplus.

The average temperature for the week was 72.2 degrees
Fahrenheit, 0.1 degrees above normal for the State. The amount
of rainfall varied from 0.00 to 3.29 inches over the week. The
statewide average precipitation was 1.41 inches. There were 5.1
days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending June 20.

State-wide weekend storms brought an end to a dry week. Irrigation systems were utilized early in the week across much of the state to help maintain stable crop conditions. Heavy rain,
moderate wind speeds, and hail showers during the weekend
caused minor crop damage and wheat lodging for some. Nearly
all corn and soybeans have finished emerging statewide. Both
corn and soybean progress remained ahead of their respective
five-year averages. Wheat harvesting began in some parts of the
State. First cuttings of hay and alfalfa are nearing completion.
Pasture conditions declined slightly from last week with 68
percent of pastures rated in good to excellent condition. A small
part of western Indiana experienced a minor earthquake.
Activities for the week included hay harvesting, corn top dressing,
tomato harvesting, roadside mowing, and corn seedling blight

Source: USDA NASS Indiana Field Office