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Indiana Corn Farmers Help Open another Flex Fuel Pump


The Indiana corn checkoff program offering incentives to retailers for flex fuel pump installations has led to another install south of Indianapolis in Johnson County. Motorists there now have a pump at Joe’s Junction in Trafalgar which gives them a choice of 10, 30, or 85 percent ethanol fuel blends.

Roz Leeck at Indiana Corn says Lou Carter, the retailer’s vice president, is a believer in ethanol as a catalyst for energy independence.

“So he has been an early adopter and a strong supporter of ethanol blends,” she told HAT. “He also understands that consumers want choices at the pump and he had an opportunity and he had the space available in order to make these conversions, and there was a grant available from the Corn Marketing Council that also assisted in defraying some of those costs. So, Joe’s Junction decided that this made good sense for them for their long term business model.”

Those grants total up to $20,000 or up to 50 percent of the cost of the project. For motorists driving a flex fuel vehicle, Leeck says that 30 percent blend should be attractive.

“It’s been widely reported that there is a mileage penalty associated with E85 so there are economics that must be involved in that calculation of determining if it’s going to be a good option for you. That mileage penalty varies by vehicle. When you get into a mid level blend like an E30 you typically will see little if any difference in your fuel efficiency from typical gasoline from the ethanol blend. The E30 is often priced at a discount to gasoline by at least a nickel and in some cases as much as ten or twelve cents. In that case you aren’t experiencing any kind of mileage drag so it makes great sense for the consumer.”

More grants are available, first come first served, and that includes new and existing retailers, and new pumps or conversions. Get the details by emailing cornethanolinfo@indianacorn.org.[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/08/ICMC-helps-another-flex-pump-install.mp3|titles=ICMC helps another flex pump install]

Leeck is Director of Grain Marketing and Biofuels and Indiana Corn and Soybean. Hear the full interview here:[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/08/Roz-Leeck-on-flex-pumps.mp3|titles=Roz Leeck on flex pumps]

(Leeck is pictured with ICMC president Mike Shuter)