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Indiana Corn Harvest Jumps 12 Percent; Soybeans 21 Percent


Farmers had a very productive week for harvest and other field work across most of the state, according to the Indiana Field Office of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Field activities in many northwestern and north central counties did come to a halt due to weekend rain showers and high winds. Winds gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour on Sunday caused some lodging in corn and damage to structures. Corn harvest is running about 17 days ahead of last year while soybean harvest is only about 2 days ahead of last year. Crops are slow to dry down at this point due to frequent rain showers and cooler temperatures. There have been several reports of harvest loss in soybean fields due to pods opening up.

There were 5.4 days suitable for field work during the week. Sixty-one percent of the corn acreage has been harvested compared to 49 percent last week, 27 percent last year and 43 percent for the 5-year average. By area, 58 percent of the corn acreage has been harvested in the north, 57 percent in the central region, and 80 percent in the south. Corn condition is rated 11 percent good to excellent compared with 35 percent last year at this time. Moisture content of harvested corn is averaging about 19 percent.

Ninety-six percent of the soybean acreage is shedding leaves compared to 93 percent last year and 96 percent for the 5-year average. Fifty-one percent of the soybean acreage has been harvested compared to 30 percent last week, 47 percent last year and 57 percent for the 5-year average. By area, 56 percent of the soybean acreage has been harvested in the north, 50 percent in the central region, and 44 percent in the south. Soybean condition is now rated 34 percent good to excellent compared with 43 percent last year at this time. Moisture content of harvested soybeans is averaging about 13 percent.

Forty-seven percent of the winter wheat acreage has been planted compared to 44 percent last year and 49 percent for the 5-year average. Nine percent of the winter wheat acreage has emerged compared to 11 percent last year and 14 percent for the 5-year average.

Livestock were reported to be good condition. Pasture condition is rated 26 percent good to excellent compared with 23 percent last year at this time.

Source: Indiana NASS