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Indiana Corn & Soybean Farmers Meet with Rep. Hollingsworth

Trey Hollingsworth

Southern Indiana corn and soybean farmers recently met with Representative Trey Hollingsworth (IN-09) who represents the state’s ninth district to discuss issues important to their operations, including trade, farm bill, infrastructure and the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The meeting, hosted by Indiana Corn Growers Association and Indiana Soybean Alliance’s Policy Committee, took place in New Albany, Ind. and was an opportunity for corn and soybean farmers to learn more about where Rep. Hollingsworth stands on issues critical to the viability of their farms and the entire agricultural sector.

“It was good to hear Representative Hollingsworth say he is in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard as that piece of legislation has had an incredible impact on the corn market,” said Mike Flock, an ICGA director and farmer from Ramsey, Ind. “This meeting gave us a chance to talk directly with our newly elected Congressman and let him know where we are coming from on the issues he will be voting on throughout the year.”

Last week, Rep. Hollingsworth signed on to co-sponsor HR 1311, a bill that provides more opportunities for ethanol in the marketplace by allowing for E15 blends (15 percent ethanol) to be sold year-round. ICGA believes this bill will lead to increased ethanol usage and more demand for corn.

During farm bill discussion, ICGA and ISA members stressed the need of a strong safety net for producers, including support of crop insurance. Growers also reiterated the importance of nutrition programs staying in the upcoming farm bill.

“I am committed to empowering Hoosier farmers whether that be in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard, in expanding exports markets, or in reducing regulations that suffocate their potential for growth,” said Hollingsworth. “I stand arm-in-arm with farmers in creating a more secure and prosperous economy.”

This was the first of several meetings hosted by ICGA and ISA to connect their farmer-members with their representatives in Washington, D.C. The meeting was sponsored by Huntington Bank. The organizations also hosted a farm bill listening session with Senator Donnelly in February