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Indiana Crops: 46 Percent of Corn, 48 Percent Soybeans Rated Good-to-Excellent Condition

A corn field and barn north of Michigantown, Indiana along State Road 29 in Clinton County. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

Rain received over the course of last week across much of Indiana has helped to slightly improve the rating of Indiana’s corn and soybean crops.

Indiana’s corn is now rated at 46 percent good-to-excellent, while Indiana’s soybeans are 48 percent good-to-excellent, according to the USDA’s Weekly Crop Progress Report for the week ending Sunday, July 24, 2022. That is a small increase from 45 percent for corn and 46 percent for soybeans from the previous week.

Indiana’s crop ratings continue to be rated below the national average. Across the rest of the U.S., 61 percent of the nation’s corn crop is rated good-to-excellent, which is a drop from 64 from the week before. The nation’s soybean crop is at 59 percent good-to-excellent, a two-point drop from the prior week.

“Rainfall varied greatly throughout the State leaving most in need of additional rain,” according to Nathanial Warenski, State Statistician with the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Indiana Field Office.  “Soil moisture levels increased from the previous week, with 54 percent of topsoil moisture reported as adequate or surplus.”

“The average temperature for the week was 78.0 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.5 degrees above normal for the State. The amount of rainfall varied from none to 3.90 inches over the week. The statewide average precipitation was 1.39 inches, 0.33 inches above normal. There were 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending July 24,” said Warenski.

“Topsoil moisture levels remained shorter than desired despite intermittent rains throughout the week. Corn silking progress matched its five-year average while soybean blooming progress lagged slightly behind its five-year average.”

“Second cuttings of hay were in full swing with third cuttings taken in places where regrowth was adequate. Pasture conditions decreased slightly from the previous week with only 35 percent of pasture rated in good to excellent condition. Supplemental hay use continued for fields with unsatisfactory regrowth. Livestock were reported in relatively good condition despite enduring stress brought on by high heat indexes and unfavorable pasture conditions. Other activities for the week included fungicide applications, irrigation system maintenance, and county fair activities,” according to Warenski.

Source: USDA Indiana Crop Weather Report: July 25, 2022.