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Indiana Crops Stressed by Hot Dry Conditions


Rain showers last week were not substantial enough to prevent the effects of prevailing dry conditions for the season, according to Greg Matli, Indiana State Statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. A few counties received localized and heavy amounts of rain while other counties remained dry. Crops continued showing signs of drought stress causing farmers to use irrigation to water crops. In most areas, spotty showers are not enough to combat these dry and hot conditions. Fieldwork was further hindered by windy weather conditions brought by rain.


Statewide average temperature was 74.5 degrees, 2.6 degrees above normal. Statewide precipitation was 1.13 inches, 0.14 inches above normal, but amounts were distributed unevenly. There were 5.3 days available for fieldwork for the week ending June 19, down 0.6 days from the previous week.

Corn emerged was 99% in the North, 97% in Central, and 92% in the South. Dry, hot conditions during the first part of the week forced corn to root down and caused leaf rolling. Strong winds bent corn over in certain counties. The corn crop is emerging rapidly with 72% in good to excellent condition. Side dressing and spraying herbicides is almost complete.

soybean-emergedBy region, soybeans planted was 99% complete in the North, 97% in Central, and 88% in the South. Soybeans emerged was 95% complete in the North, 91% in Central, and 67% in the South. Farmers continue spraying soybeans. Double crop soybean planting has begun. Recently planted soybeans are in need of more rain in some areas while other fields were underwater. The crop is rated 72% in good to excellent condition.

Wheat mature was 37% in the North, 53% in Central, and 86% in the South. Wheat harvest is in full swing, with some straw baling going on as well.soil-moisture

Nationally, the condition of the corn crop remained unchanged at 75% good to excellent. Iowa has the best looking corn at 81% good to excellent.  Nationally, soybean planting is 96% complete with 89% of the crop emerged, both ahead of the average page. NASS did report a slight decline in soybean condition ratings nationally at 73% good to excellent, down 1% from the previous week.crop-progress