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Indiana Dairy Farmers Diversifying Through Agritourism


Indiana’s dairy farmers are passionate about what they do and enjoy sharing that passion with others. One of the ways to share that passion, and diversify their operation, is through agritourism.

The Fall Festival at Kuehnert Dairy Farm in Fort Wayne is open for one more weekend this fall season.

“Whether you’re one year old or 80 years old, there’s something for everybody here,” says 5th generation dairy farmer Andrew Kuehnert. “The moment you come in, it’s amazing. You get people that come on to the farm and they get to immediately see what a dairy farm looks like, smells like, and can get to truly experience the farm. So, when you come on in, we have all sorts of pumpkins that you can pick out and paint the pumpkins. Then also when you come in, we have little baby calves that are there so the people love petting baby calves.”

They also have a jump pad, a ninja warrior course, a corn box, a 6-acre corn maze, and much more. The corn maze took on a special meaning this year as they used it to honor their patriarch, Alan Kuehnert, who passed away in a farming accident earlier this year.

“This farm and this festival really started because my dad was so proud of what he did. He worked every day of his life to make this farm what it is. We cherish his memory and what he did for us and what he taught me my brother: how to work, how to live, and be good parents. So, this year we wanted to put something special in the corn maze that he could see and really be honored by it. We think we did that this year. So, my dad was an amazing guy and taught us everything. He’s truly missed, but his legacy lives on through us.”

Alan’s voice can still be heard on a recording in the viewing room of the robotic milker teaching guests about dairy farming. Andrew says that’s the reason they do the fall festival.

“Everything is geared back towards dairy farming. How hard farmers work, where your milk comes from, the importance of milk in your diet, because if we don’t help educate and tell our side of the story, people just aren’t going to know. There’s too much misinformation out there and the whole reason we do this is to try to educate people on milk.”

Check out video from the Fall Festival at Kuehnert Dairy Farm above. And be sure to check out other dairy agritourism hotspots throughout the state.