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Indiana Dairy Farmers Pleased with Walmart’s Choice


Indiana Dairy Farmers Pleased with Walmart’s Choice


Last week Walmart announced it will build a dairy processing facility in Fort Wayne. Doug Leman, with Indiana Dairy Producers, says this is good news for the Hoosier dairy industry, “This facility will be using class one product which is the highest value of milk. This is not going to end all our woes in the state, but it is certainly a good start.” Leman said Walmart’s decision to build in Indiana shows the state’s dairy industry is strong and capable of producing a high quality product, “Our dairy farm families produce the highest quality milk of anywhere in the country.”  He added that Indiana has the feed, the water, and the infrastructure to be a major dairy producing state.


In a statement, Megan Ritter, with Indiana Farm Bureau, said: “Indiana Farm Bureau applauds the successful efforts of Lt. Gov. Holcomb and ISDA Director McKinney to bring an additional milk processing facility to Indiana. The announcement of the Walmart processing plant in northeast Indiana is welcome news not only for dairy farmers, but for the entire ag sector. Expanding our dairy industry also provides new opportunities for Hoosier farmers who supply feed and other needed services to our dairy farmers.”


“Indiana’s innovative, twenty-first century agricultural industry is one of the centerpieces of our state’s economy, and our workforce and investments in our strong business climate continue to make Indiana a magnet for companies looking for new growth opportunities,” said Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb, who serves as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development,


ISDA director Ted McKinney hinted there would be more such announcements coming, and Leman hopes that is the case.