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Indiana Dairy Strategy 2.0 Unveiled


“Indiana is open for dairy business!”

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch said that on Wednesday after she and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture unveiled the new Indiana Dairy Strategy 2.0, an update to the one created in 2015.

“Because we have a great state, a great foundation, you know we are one of the best states in the Midwest for our business environment, fifth best in the nation. We have a great foundation, and we want people to build on that and to know that they can come and they can expand and grow dairy here in the state of Indiana.”

ISDA Director Bruce Kettler says the strategy is needed because Indiana produces a net surplus of 3.5 million pounds of milk each day.

“We’re really doing a great job of producing milk in the state of Indiana, and so part of what we wanted to look at was what do we need to do because there is surplus milk being produced. How can we try to continue to make sure we’re processing that into other products? Do we need to look at new opportunities, maybe new products that are coming on board, new technology coming on board?”

What are the differences between the original dairy strategy and this one? Kettler says the first dairy strategy focused primarily on fluid milk.

“I think this strategy says, ‘Alright. Are there new opportunities for other products beyond fluid milk like cheese, yogurt, or other materials?’”

Indiana Dairy Producers Executive Director Doug Leman told HAT the fact that Indiana even has a dairy strategy means a lot.

“Indiana Dairy Producers vision is to make Indiana the most desirable state in which to produce milk, and when we’re working with the state that’s willing to work with us and support us, I think we’ve got something going here that probably no other state in the Midwest really has. A relationship where the state is out aggressively trying to bring more dairy processing into state to help our producers.”

American Dairy Association Indiana CEO Jenni Browning echoed Leman’s sentiment.

“We feel very blessed. The support and focus on dairy helps us at American Dairy Association Indiana do our job to help promote and work on sustainability… to be able to work with the Department of Ag and know that they’re focused on that just makes us energized for the future.”

Some highlights of the dairy strategy are as follows

  • Indiana produces a net surplus of 3.5 million pounds of milk each day
  • Indiana producers and farmers have made strides around sustainability and work each day to reduce ecological impact
  • A key asset in growing Indiana’s dairy sector is the state’s advantage of critical infrastructure
  • Indiana has a positive regulatory and tax environment for dairy producers and processors

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