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Indiana Dairy’s Big Cheese Sculpture Unveiled


“The Cheese Lady” was back at this year’s Indiana State Fair. For the 15th time, Sarah Kaufmann from Wisconsin, traveled to the fairgrounds to create a sculpture made entirely of cheese.

American Dairy Association Indiana’s Dairy Bar has been serving delicious dairy products at the Indiana State Fair for 80 years. So, “The Cheese Lady” made her cheese sculpture this year a replica of the Dairy Bar itself.

“Our Dairy Bar sculpture this year is made from 2,000 pounds of Indiana cheddar made by Pace Dairy in Crawfordsville,” says Kaufmann. “They make this beautiful cheese, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of 640-pound blocks, day after day after day, made from beautiful Indiana milk to beautiful Indiana cheddar. This is the very same cheese that you get at Kroger in the dairy case…it’s fabulous.

In case you’re wondering, sculpting cheese is Kaufmann’s full-time job.

While at the Dairy Bar last week for the big cheese reveal, I just happened to run into professional eating champion Joey Chestnut. You probably know him best for eating dozens of hot dogs on the 4th of July, but he also enjoys ice cream and milk.

“Well, I love milk. I think I hold the record for fastest gallon of milk down in 13 seconds. Today I’m taste testing all the all the milkshakes at the Dairy Bar and eating them quick.”

How quick? My timer showed 14 seconds to eat a whole milkshake. What was his favorite?

“It was a close call. I like the strawberry and the salted caramel. I think the winner was strawberry.”

See Chestnut down that milkshake in the HAT video above!