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Indiana Ethanol Event Features Hot Cars and High Speeds


Indiana Ethanol Event Features Hot Cars and High Speeds

lamberginiSome of the world’s fastest cars will be burning up the runway at the Marion, IN airport this weekend, and they will be suing Indiana growth ethanol to do it.  Lamborghinis, Porsches, Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, and more will be rolling down the runway at the Marion Municipal airport at over 200 mph, says J Berry with Ignite Racing Fuel describing some of the racing hardware that will be part of a unique ethanol promotion event. He told HAT the purpose of the show it so to demonstrate to  the public just how safe ethanol is to use in their cars, “These guys are running on 90% ethanol. If it is safe to use this fuel in a 3400 Horsepower engine, it is safe for you to use an E-10 or E-15 in your car.”

Berry says the fact that the fuel is made from Indiana corn and processed into ethanol right in Grant County delivers a powerful message to motorists, “Ethanol has been good for farmers and for the local economy, bringing jobs to rural communities.”  He said the message is that ethanol is made locally but raced everywhere, “Ethanol is a worldwide commodity that starts here in Indiana.”

These high performance cars will race side by side down the runway. In addition, the public will have the chance to race their own cars. The event, scheduled for  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is co-sponsored by Indiana corn farmers and their checkoff.

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