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Indiana Experts to Offer Insights at Expo Marketing Roundtable


Analysts Mike Silver from Kokomo Grain and John Zanker of Risk Management Commodities are on stage and online during a YouTube Live stream next Wednesday to review the year in the grain markets, analyze current market conditions, and take your grain marketing questions.

Their market outlook roundtable is part of the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo seminar lineup.

“We offer suggestions for price risk management on a continuum,” says Silver, “and everybody’s situation is a little bit different, but throw out some general recommendations and then we like to finetune those to the needs of the individual.”

He says they might even do some forecasting of future price expectations.

“Given what we know today and knowing that crystal balls can get foggy from time to time, we’ll share some thoughts about what we see on the horizon and look into that crystal ball and see if we can’t put some suggestions together to help folks out in this coming marketing year.”

Actual movement of grain could be an increasing challenge. That line of discussion will be covered too.

“We have some challenges in terms of truck transportation, availability of trucks due to all of the regulations and also just the infrastructure, transportation backup and how it’s affecting the railroads.”

Silver and Zanker will go live at 10:30 AM Wednesday December 15th, following Chad Colby and the Purdue drone team. The Expo is at Grand Park in Westfield and is a free show with free parking, no tickets needed for admission.