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Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT PAC Endorses 11 Primary Candidates


Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT, the organization’s state-level, nonpartisan political action committee, has endorsed 11 candidates running for Statehouse seats in the 2020 primary election.

“At the state level, many legislative decisions are made each year that can impact Hoosier farmers and the agriculture industry as a whole,” said Katrina Hall, INFB director of public policy. “The goal of AgELECT is to support ag-friendly candidates running for elected office, and these endorsements recognize those individuals who are willing to listen and advocate on behalf of Indiana’s agricultural and rural communities”.

INFB endorsed the following candidates:

  • Brian Buchanan (R) for Senate District 7
  • Susan Glick (R) for Senate District 13
  • Carolyn Jackson (D) for House District 1
  • Ragen Hatcher (D) for House District 3
  • Craig Snow (R) for House District 18
  • Brandon Dothager (D) for House District 12
  • Tom Wichlinski (R) for House District 12
  • J.D. Prescott (R) for House District 33
  • Jeff Gormong (R) for House District 45
  • Peggy Mayfield (R) for House District 60
  • Leah McGrath (R) for House District 88

AgELECT endorsements are made through a multi-step process, starting with recommendations from Indiana Farm Bureau members who live in the district. This format stays true to the grassroots nature of the organization. AgELECT’s endorsements are recognition of candidates’ support of policies that will foster a positive environment for agriculture and rural communities across the state.