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Indiana Farm Bureau Convention Underway in French Lick


Indiana Farm Bureau kicked off their state annual convention on Thursday in French Lick, Indiana. President Randy Kron says they’re excited to have this convention in person after having to do last year’s virtually.

“We’ve gone 18 months of virtual Zoom calls and just to have conversations face-to-face, see the energy in our members, it is a really good feeling.”

The virtual AgElect auction is up now and runs through Friday at 3pm. More on this in the interview below.

Conversations regarding Indiana Farm Bureau’s top policy priorities have already begun.

“We already started talking in some of our district breakout sessions about our policy priorities,” says INFB Vice President Kendell Culp. “We have three main policy areas this year and they’re kind of broad areas…one of those is taxes, another one is energy, and the third is rural, or community, revitalization. So, there are a lot of sub issues that fall into those big buckets, but those are the three areas that we’re going to focus on at all levels of government- local, state, and federal.”

Kron and Culp drill down on those sub issues in each policy priority in the full HAT interview below: