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Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT PAC announces 2016 primary endorsements


Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT, the nonpartisan political action committee associated with Indiana Farm Bureau, has endorsed five candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, five candidates for the Indiana Senate and six candidates for the Indiana House of Representatives. Those candidates include:

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Jackie Walorski (Congressional District 2)
  • Todd Rokita (Congressional District 4)
  • Susan Brooks (Congressional District 5)
  • Luke Messer (Congressional District 6)
  • Larry Buschon (Congressional District 8)

Indiana Senate

  • Blake Doriot (Senate District 12)
  • David Long (Senate District 16)
  • Luke Kenley (Senate District 20)
  • Pete Miller (Senate District 24)
  • Eric Koch (Senate District 44)

Indiana House of Representatives

  • Jim Pressel (House District 20)
  • Donna Schaibley (House District 24)
  • Jeff Thompson (House District 28)
  • Milo Smith (House District 59)
  • Tom Washburne (House District 64)
  • Steve Davisson (House District 73)
  • Casey Cox (House District 85)

ELECT endorsements are made through a multi-step process, starting with recommendations from Farm Bureau members who live in the district. This format stays true to the grassroots nature of the Indiana Farm Bureau organization. ELECT’s primary endorsements are recognition of candidates’ support of policies that will foster a positive environment for agriculture and rural communities across the state.