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Indiana Farm Bureau on Track to Deliver Health Benefits Plans in 2021


Legislation passed earlier this year is allowing Indiana Farm Bureau to offer health benefits plans to members. INFB Executive Director of Administration Megan Ritter says they are on track to meet their goal of having these plans ready for implementation in 2021.

“We’re going to be offering what we’re calling a traditional membership plan which is really aimed at those under 65, and then we’re going to be able to offer a dental/vision bundle as well. That will be available to those over 65 and under 65.”

Ritter says their goal all along was to bring more affordable healthcare coverage to members than what is currently on the marketplace, like the Affordable Care Act plans. While rates have not yet been released, she says they will be competitive.

“We’re working on the rates now and we’re hopeful that by the first part of September we’ll be able to get more information about rates out to our members. Then come October 1, we’ll be able to start accepting applications.”

These plans are not just for farmers. Any Indiana Farm Bureau member can take advantage of the offering. You just have to be a member for 30 days before applying and once you do apply, “There is medical underwriting, a health assessment, that puts you into a group,” says Ritter.

“Once you’re rated, you stay in that rate. And so as long as you continue to pay your membership dues and your monthly premium, you will get coverage and you can’t be canceled. So, it’ll be a contract between us and the member for those benefits.”

More information can be found at the Indiana Farm Bureau website.

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