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Indiana Farmer Pens Faith of a Farmer


Indiana farmer now an author

Faith of a FarmerIn many Indiana homes this Christmas Eve presents are accumulating under the traditional Christmas tree, and this year a new book authored by an Indiana farmer might be among those gift wrapped treasures. Bryan Kirkpatrick of Howard County wrote Faith of a Farmer: God, Family and Life in America’s Heartland to chronicle his faith in God starting with his younger days when he was exploring what to do with his life.

“Raised on a farm I figured that was the only place for me, but you really don’t know,” he told HAT. “You don’t know what’s ahead of you in your life and as time went on I tried to put my faith in God and ask for direction and guidance and wisdom, but it’s so hard to have patience. Then when my oldest daughter was experiencing the same thing, I decided to write the book. And I decided if I could write a book that would help one person meet their challenges in their life, then all my time was worth it.”

Kirkpatrick’s book talks about overcoming fear and challenges, fun times like attending Randy Hundley’s baseball camps, and turning to faith to get him through each year on the farm.

Bryan Kirkpatrick“People in the city I’m sure have no idea how dangerous it is on a farm and what farm people go through. It seems like we have a tremendous amount of risk and when that risk comes in you’ve got to have faith to get through. As I go on in the book I talk about my parents passing away and dealing with that. You have to deal with it and beat that challenge and not let it beat you.”

Faith of a Farmer, $14.99 for paperback and $5.99 for the digital version, is available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and many book stores.