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Indiana Farmer Yields 323.2 BPA. in 2013 Beck 300 Challenge


 Beck’s Hybrids is excited to announce that the winner of the 2013 Beck 300 Challenge is Tom


Tom Logue from Liberty, Ind., the 2013 Beck 300 Challenge winner, yielded 323.2 Bu./A. with BECK 6175AM™*.

Tom Logue
Tom Logue

Logue from Liberty, Ind. Logue achieved a yield of 323.2 Bu./A. with BECK 6175AM™*. “Each year I set out to win the Beck 300 Challenge,” said Tom Logue, winner of the 2013 Beck 300 Challenge. “In fact, many ofthe management practices I used this year were the same as 2012, but last year our crop averaged around 129 Bu./A. due to the extreme drought. As a producer, you can’t describe the excitement of going through the field and seeing the yield monitor jump over 300 Bu./A. It truly is a blessing to know what 300 bushel corn looks like.”


The top five participants achieved an average yield of 304.5 Bu./A., with a 96.5 Bu./A. average yield increase over the fields’ historical yield. Below are results from the top five 2013 Beck 300 Challenge participants.








Yield Increase Over

Historical (Bu./A.)

1. Tom Logue

Liberty, IN

BECK 6175AM™*



2. Wally Linneweber

Vincennes, IN

BECK 6543HR™*



3. Gary Wolfe

Nevada, OH

BECK 6175AM™*



4. Tim Miller

White Pigeon, MI

BECK 5442VT3



5. Steve Vandike

Geneseo, IL

BECK 6626AMX™*





“The results from the 2013 Beck 300 Challenge far exceeded our expectations,” said Scott Beck, vice president of Beck’s Hybrids. “With a top five yield average of 304.5 Bu./A., it is a true testament that farmers can increase yield by selecting the right products for the right acres and combining the right management practices at the right time to achieve the ultimate yield.”


A total of 53 Challenges were completed throughout Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, resulting in an average yield of 245.1 Bu./A. Compared to the average historical yield of each 300 Challenge plot, participants increased their yields by an average of 55.5 Bu./A. 


“I would encourage all farmers to take the Beck 300 Challenge,” said Logue. “Sometimes we limit ourselves because we’re not willing to take a little more risk. Plant 30 acres, work with a Beck’s seed advisor, get the best products for your farm, and see what can happen.”


To learn more about the Beck 300 Challenge and how farmers can participate, visit www.beckshybrids.com/300-challenge.