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Indiana Farmers Assume National Leadership Positions


Two Indiana soybean farmers will serve in national leadership roles in 2018, continuing the state’s commitment of leadership and service on the national level. Joe Steinkamp of Evansville, Ind. was elected to the American Soybean Association Governing Committee and Mark Seib of Poseyville, Ind. was elected to the United Soybean Board Executive Committee during the organizations’ December board meetings. Seib served on the Indiana Soybean Alliance Board from 2001-2010, and Steinkamp will retire from the Indiana Soybean Alliance board this year after nine years of service. Both acted as board chairmen during their tenures. Seib has served on USB since 2012 and will work with the USB officer board through his role as a member of the executive committee.

“Being on the USB executive committee is an honor as we work with the officers to conduct business when the board is not in session,” Seib said. “The executive committee is the first to hear about new opportunities in the industry along with overseeing the committees within USB like oil, supply and demand and sustainability.”

Steinkamp has served on the ASA board since 2012 and is currently in his second term.

“What’s good for a soybean farmer in Indiana is good for a soybean farmer in the United States,” said Steinkamp. “On the leadership side of the policy organization, I have the opportunity to effect policy that makes a difference for the bottom line of the farm.”

Indiana soybean farmers are positioned to assume national leadership roles for the industry to ensure Indiana farmers are represented on policy and checkoff issues. As a member of the nine-member governing committee, Steinkamp will oversee the business and affairs of the organization including fiscal and administrative affairs, daily governance work and personnel policies to name a few.

“I’m excited to be part of the governing committee of ASA because policy is important to me and it affects our farm,” said Steinkamp. “Indiana is one of the four largest soybean-producing states in the country, so we need to be represented on national soybean boards.”

This year, Mike Beard of Frankfort, Ind. retired off the USB board after nine years of service. Tom Griffiths of Kendallville, Ind. was appointed by the USDA in November to fill Beard’s seat. Dave Lowe of Dunkirk, Ind. and Kevin Wilson of Walton, Ind. also represent Indiana on the USB board.

Also this year, Kendell Culp of Rensselaer, Ind. was elected to serve a second term on ASA’s board of directors.

Source: ISA