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Indiana Farmers Racing to Finish Plant 17


Warm and dry weather conditions allowed for great progress in planting and replanting damaged crops, according to Greg Matli, Indiana State Statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. The sunny days with low humidity and consecutive days without rain aided in the decrease of soil moisture levels. However, there still remain fields with standing water. The statewide average temperature was 68.8 degrees, 1.9 degrees above normal.

Statewide precipitation was 0.17 inches, below average by 0.86 inches. There were 5.2 days available for fieldwork for the week ending June 4, up 3.2 days from the previous week.

USDA says 91% of Indiana corn and 75% of Hoosier soybeans have been planted. Regionally, corn was 91% planted in the North, 92% in Central, and 90% in the South. Corn was 73% emerged in the North, 74% in Central, and 77% in the South. Soybeans were 74% planted in the North, 79% in Central, and 71% in the South. Soybeans were 46% emerged in the North, 48% in Central, and 47% in the South. Winter wheat was 93% headed in the North, 98% in Central, and 97% in the South.

The USDA reported on Monday that 46% of Indiana corn was rated as good to excellent while 49% was rated fair to poor, a slight improvement over a week ago.

Winter wheat was 4% mature in the North, 14% in Central, and 47% in the South.
Wheat is maturing at a steady rate with some harvest reported. The presence of cutworms can still be found in corn fields. Some farmers turned on the irrigation systems to water higher value crops like tomatoes, seed corn and cucumbers to assure adequate moisture for germination, growth and crop protectant activation. Pasture conditions are improving and livestock were reported to be in good shape.