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Indiana Farmers Remain Open For Business



The message from Indiana farmers and their commodity organizations during this challenging time for Hoosiers is that agriculture is open for business. The production and supply of food is considered critical infrastructure, so agriculture businesses and workers are essential. CEO of Indiana Corn and Soybean Courtney Kingery says they’re working to ensure a smoothly operating supply chain.

“Agribusinesses know that they have the responsibility to keep food, feed, fuel supply chains moving,” she said. “We’ve been communicating with our congressional delegation and Governor Holcomb the importance of that essential critical infrastructure designation and how it must continue over the entire chain, and we’ve seen that.”

Kingery said as planting season draws closer, current evidence says they will be able to operate as usual. That includes the availability of inputs.

“We’ve been in conversations with our board members and we’re hearing no disruptions in any seed and crop protection supplies. One of our board members did report that he did receive a seed delivery last week, and several others have said that their seed deliveries are in-process. So, we’re continuing to deliver the chem and the seed inputs and the crop protection into the farmers. So, we see it for planting to be very much business as usual as much as we can, given the current situation.”

Kingery added a personal message after spending many hours consulting with her farmer leaders.

“I am so honored and blown away by the optimism of Indiana farmers and just prayers and good wishes that everyone continues to stay safe, their families stay safe, and the communities stay safe, because at the end we’re doing this for the people,” she said. “So it’s about let’s all stay safe through this and keep this food and fuel running. That’s why we’re here, to take care of people.”