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Indiana Farmers Support Hoosier Poultry Producers Hit With Virus Outbreak


KronThe Indiana farming community is very close knit group; and, while the avian flu outbreak is confined to one county, producers around the state are concerned. Several social media pages have been set up seeking prayer for Dubois County poultry producers. Indiana Farm Bureau issued a statement this week expressing support for those impacted. “The Farm Bureau family feels their loss, and I assure all impacted growers that we will work with you throughout this difficult time,” said IFB President Randy Kron. “Growing things is a risky business, and farmers go into every season with a plan to minimize that risk. Sometimes, however, unforeseen events can take a devastating toll on a crop, herd, or flock.”

Kron praised the work of the state agencies who are on the front lines of the outbreak, “The Indiana Board of Animal Health, whose leadership and staff have done a herculean job of pinpointing affected flocks and virus strains, will continue to monitor the situation in Dubois and surrounding counties.  We and our members in the poultry business will continue to work closely with BOAH and other state agencies to ensure a timely exchange of information.”  Indiana Farm Bureau said it will be in constant contact with our congressional delegation in Washington, because the discovery of highly pathogenic strains of AI in Indiana has a direct and potentially catastrophic impact on our state’s ability to export poultry products to certain foreign markets.


At the delegate session held last week during the American Farm Bureau convention, delegates approved new language supporting voluntary risk management products for poultry growers that would provide assistance during disease outbreaks. Kron said Indiana Farm Bureau will work with AFBF on that goal at the national level, “Poultry growers in southern Indiana are facing one of the most devastating circumstances a farmer can imagine.  My heart goes out to these farm families and the communities impacted.”