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Indiana FFA Set Up for a Great National Convention this Month



October means not only the full onset of harvest around the Corn Belt, but it also means the blue jackets are coming to Indiana. The 90th National FFA Convention & Expo is later this month in Indianapolis. This year Indiana FFA has a reason to be extra excited, having placed 3 members in the American Degree finals. Tami Neighbors is Executive Director of FFA Programs.

“Agribusiness we had Nathan DeYoung from Shenandoah; Agricultural Placement, Devin DeBruhl from Shenandoah, and Leah Hefty from Dekalb brought home the finalist spot for Agriscience,” Neighbors said. She explained these three FFA 2017 American Star finalists have programs that are “extremely elite in those areas. It’s a remarkable and amazing chance to even put them forward to be our finalists in the state of Indiana, and then to be a national finalist, there are no words. They have to be so excited.”

Again this year a former Indiana state officer will be vying for a spot on the new national officer team to be introduced at the October convention. Annalee Witte is her name, and she is another in a continuing progression of impressive Hoosier candidates.

“I’m ready,” says Neighbors. “I’m ready to see one of our students up there representing Indiana as a national officer in the future. I think she has what it takes and we’re going to do all that we can to train her up to get her to that point. She is an amazing student, a student at Purdue right now and doing great things at that level in leadership and different organizations there. I just hope we can bring that leadership into the national realm as well.”

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The national convention I Can. We Will. is October 25-28.