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Indiana in Good Shape for ARC/PLC Deadline on Monday


Indiana in Good Shape for ARC/PLC Deadline on Monday

Indiana Farm Service Agency Executive Director Steve Brown was worried. About a month ago, progress for ARC/PLC signup in the state was not looking good.

“We were having some software problems and they worked hard at getting those corrected. And we were just having a hard time getting producers in because we were fighting that bugaboo about waiting until March to make your decision.”

Brown is no longer worried. He says that they are now at 97.2% of Indiana’s over 100,000 farms that have signed up. He was quick to give praise to us here at Hoosier Ag Today as well as Jim Mintert and Michael Langemeier from the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture for helping spread the message for producers to get in ahead of the March 16 deadline.

Brown was quicker, though, to praise his FSA employees across the state.

“I’m very happy for our employees because I know they have worked diligently and put in a lot of leg work calling producers and assisting them. It’s amazing what some of our people can do out there.”

For the remaining 2.8% of farms out there that still need to signup, you need to reach out to your local FSA office today or Monday to get it done. Though, they might be booked up and unable to get you in. Brown says there is a solution.

“To sign up after the deadline, you have to be put on a register. So, the producer has to make contact with our office, and if we can’t get him in, then we’re going to have to put him on that register and set a time up after March 16.

And if producers don’t get in contact by Monday?

“They are ineligible…they will be ineligible for 2019 payments.”

Brown says there are some counties where that register might turn out to be a relatively long list.