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Indiana GOP to name Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb as Gov. Candidate


The Indiana Republican State Committee voted today to fill the gubernatorial ballot vacancy, which was previously held by Governor Mike Pence. Chairman Jeff Cardwell made the following statement after the vote:

“Today, 22 voting members of our state committee came together and made a historic vote to fill a gubernatorial ballot vacancy, something that has not happened in recent history. This caucus was conducted under the traditional caucus rules of the Indiana Republican Party- all voting members voted by secret ballot, all votes were counted in the presence of watchers. All four candidates were allowed two minutes for an introduction by someone of their choosing, three minutes for a speech and 10 minutes for questions with the Indiana Republican State Committee.

“We are very proud of Governor Mike Pence, who has been nominated as our party’s Vice Presidential nominee. We are blessed to have such a deep bench of talent to pull from, and I want to thank all of our candidates for expressing interest.

“After the proceedings, I am proud to announce that Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb will be running as the Republican Candidate for Governor of Indiana. Today, we stand united and give our full support to Eric as we race towards victory in November.”

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