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Indiana Grown Announces Retail Partnership with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market


Fresh Thyme joins IN Grown

Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s (ISDA) Indiana Grown initiative announced its latest retail partnership with grocery chain Fresh Thyme Farmers Market that will bring dozens of Indiana Grown members’ products into Fresh Thyme’s store locations throughout Indiana. The partnership announcement took place simultaneously with Fresh Thyme’s ribbon cutting ceremony for its newest store opening in Indianapolis.

ISDA Director Ted McKinney says the 2015 state legislature asked his agency to recreate the Indiana Grown program. “In the past year and a half, it’s been a joy to watch it grow. We’ve gone from virtually zero to about 746 members and we’re adding about one new member every day.” said McKinney.  “Some people might be familiar with the Kentucky Proud or the Ohio Proud programs and Indiana Grown is very similar where it gives people who might want to purchase from their local farmer or purchase locally produced food.”  McKinney added,  “This program really identifies and brands or gives the opportunity for companies to brand their product as having either been produced or processed or retailed here in the state.”

McKinney says as Fresh Thyme learned about Indiana Grown, they saw the opportunity on many fronts. “They could source the types and diversity of products that they sought and that was going to be a win and so far it’s been outstanding. Connecting consumers with locally sourced products is what Indiana Grown is all about.  This new partnership with Fresh Thyme is a major step towards that goal, and we look forward to working with them to encourage and make it easier for Hoosiers to buy local.”

Fresh Thyme stores will begin carrying up to 40 different member products depending on location. In addition to Indiana Grown labeling, products will be highlighted using banners, shelf and display signage throughout the store. For more information of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, visit www.freshthyme.com

For more information on Indiana Grown and how to become a member or partner, visit www.indianagrown.org.