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Indiana Grown Members Take Over Monument Circle Today


Indiana Grown Members Taking Over Monument Circle Today

Indiana Grown members will be taking over Monument Circle today for the second Monumental Marketplace, a farmers market style experience with over 150 vendors. This is Indiana Grown’s signature event of the year.

Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Bruce Kettler said, “Events like Monumental Marketplace allow Indiana Grown members to be able to have interaction directly with consumers. I’ve always been real appreciative that that’s really to the heart of that program is being able to connect consumers to the people that make, produce, and process food or other items.”

Membership is free, and it helps Indiana farmers and producers have a greater market for their product. Indiana Grown products can be found in grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets, and more throughout the state and have the Indiana Grown logo to help consumers easily identify that they’re from Indiana.

Indiana Grown is in its second year and has over 1100 members.

Kettler added, “It’s about being able to create jobs or for people to be able to fill out their passion. They have a passion for something and they can do that by being an Indiana Grown member. And the Monumental Marketplace is a great example. In fact, last year we had about half of the of the circle downtown, this year it’s going to be full. So, again, it shows that momentum is building and growing for what Indiana Grown is bringing to the state.”

The Monumental Marketplace is from 10-2 today on Monument Circle. Visit the Indiana Grown website to learn more about becoming an Indiana Grown member.